The Team

Owner / Head Coach

Tom grew up playing all sports at a high level including cricket, rugby, football, tennis and basketball. He soon discovered his real talent and passion was for basketball. After playing for several teams, and earning a college scholarship in America, he turned professional in 1998. Tom is also an extremely experienced sport and fitness coach. He has coached at many different levels with the highlight being his position as Head Coach of Loughborough University Mens Basketball Team; developing young players and improving strength and conditioning within the team.

General Manager - CrossFit Coach - Kids and Teens Head Coach

Matt discovered CrossFit in 2017 and soon realised the positive impact that it can have on any individual. Matt started coaching kids and teens in 2019; then moved to full-time coaching in 2022. A Dad of two with a love for helping adults and children to become a healthier, fitter version of themselves. “Helping people of all ages to become fit and healthy has become a real passion, I love seeing people learn new skills and progress on their fitness journey. CrossFit is a great way to have fun and make friends in a supportive and engaging environment”

Teen CrossFit Coach

As a previous member of the teens classes, I’ve grown to fall in love with the challenge and community of CrossFit. Having moved on from swimming and rowing, cf has given me the opportunity to engage in a sport that constantly challenges me. Naturally, coaching seemed like the right progression to share my drive for the sport. Undoubtedly, the most rewarding aspect of coaching for me is being able to share with young athletes the same passion for CrossFit as my coaches show to me. Being able to deliver a session where I can see visible progress is extremely rewarding and I am constantly impressed with the effort and willingness to work on feedback displayed. Having the opportunity to play even a small role in the futures of these athletes is something I’ll never take for granted.

CrossFit Coach

Over the last 15 years Olly has refined his understanding and philosophy of movement through a multitude of disciplines.  Ranging from Skateboard Competitions to Ultra marathons, as well as developing his physical awareness through acrobatics and sport practices.  Olly’s experience with CrossFit and it’s methodology, as well as working as Personal Trainer, has allowed him to hone his knowledge and experience in a way that helps people become functionally fit, while having the most fun in the process.

CrossFit Coach

Ben is extremely passionate and keen about CrossFit. Technically very proficient as a Coach, and similarly adept as an Athlete. He has an extremely affable character, an ability to genuinely listen to others, helping everyone around him instinctively. His experience includes coaching classes for over four years at multiple gyms across the UK as a CF-L2 prior to joining the Team at Gain. Ben is also available for Personal Training and Programming through his own business BeneFit Personal Training, so drop him a line to get in touch!

CrossFit & Hyrox Coach

I found CrossFit and Hyrox as my form of training in 2021 after moving over from OCR racing. That led me to taking on CrossFit style competitions and multiple Hyrox events, varying through all the possible different categories including taking on my first pro race in 2023. I have been coaching since 2017, starting my career off as an outdoor adventure sports coach. I then went on to qualify up to a LVL 4 Strength & Conditioning coach as well as a CrossFit coach. As a coach I love being able to break down aspects of clients training and movements to explain the reasoning behind what we are doing and why, looking to give the knowledge and confidence with their training. I thrive on being able to help individuals achieve goals they never thought would be possible whilst opening their eyes to opportunities, putting together the skills and hard work they have learnt. “I hope as a coach I can share my love and passion for fitness with you and your training”

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