Toby Currie

Toby Currie
CrossFit & Hyrox Coach

I found CrossFit and Hyrox as my form of training in 2021 after moving over from OCR racing. That led me to taking on CrossFit style competitions and multiple Hyrox events, varying through all the possible different categories including taking on my first pro race in 2023.

I have been coaching since 2017, starting my career off as an outdoor adventure sports coach. I then went on to qualify up to a LVL 4 Strength & Conditioning coach as well as a CrossFit coach.

As a coach I love being able to break down aspects of clients training and movements to explain the reasoning behind what we are doing and why, looking to give the knowledge and confidence with their training.

I thrive on being able to help individuals achieve goals they never thought would be possible whilst opening their eyes to opportunities, putting together the skills and hard work they have learnt.

“I hope as a coach I can share my love and passion for fitness with you and your training”

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