Membership Terms

Membership Agreement

1. Billing agreement:

All pay-monthly memberships are collected via a debit or credit card and billed on the date the membership is set up and on the same date each month. GAIN Fitness Norwich (Castle Fitness Limited) reserves the right to vary the membership fees (excluding founding members who’s fees are fixed at purchase) at any time with a minimum of 30 days notice to the member.

2. Cancellation policy:

Memberships run on a 30 day rolling basis unless otherwise stated. This means that at any time in your current membership you have 30 days membership remaining on it. In order to cancel your membership you need to give 30 days notice (or more if your membership type specifies) in writing then an end date can be added to you membership. 

3. Health & Safety

3.1 GAIN Fitness Norwich (Castle Fitness Limited) will endeavor to take due care to provide a safe environment for members. As part of membership, members are expected to abide by notices, signs and information provided for their safety and the safety of others including taking extra care whilst partaking of any activity outside in particular in darkness.
3.2 Fire exits, which are clearly marked are in the interests of public safety and in the event of fire and/or hearing the fire alarm, members are asked to make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit,
3.3 Emergency closure of the box in the advent of unforeseen circumstances, adverse weather or essential maintenance and repair will be announced as soon as practical and we shall endeavor to provide you with as much prior notice as possible.
3.4 Members agree that CrossFit and all variations of physical training at GAIN Fitness Norwich is associated with risk of injury and members take full financial responsibility for any injury that they may cause either to themselves or any other participant whilst training. Members assume any and all risk associated with participation in GAIN Fitness Norwich’s fitness programmes and classes and waive, release and discharge Castle Fitness Limited and its agents, officers, principals and employees, sub-contractors and volunteers, of any and all liability, claims, demands, actions or rights of action, or damages of any kind related to, arising from, or in any way connected with, their participation in the fitness programmes offered.

4. Personal Effects

Members and the guests of any members are responsible for their personal possessions, equipment and vehicles and their contents parked in the car park and are advised not to bring valuable possessions into the box. GAIN Fitness Norwich (Castle Fitness Limited) will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or destruction of personal property whilst on GAIN Fitness Norwich (Castle Fitness Limited) premises.

5. Members Code of Conduct

GAIN Fitness Norwich (Castle Fitness Limited) reserves the right to restrict and/or prevent entry of members and/or guests at any time. Members are expected to follow the box rules which include but are not limited to:
• Demonstrate good behavior to coaches, staff and fellow members at all times. The use of threatening or abusive behavior will not be tolerated.
• Comply with all terms set out above.
• To treat all equipment with respect and to return all used equipment to its rightful place after use. Do not drop empty barbells, kettlebells, wall balls or individual bumper plates at any time or otherwise use equipment in a way that may cause damage to either other members or the equipment itself.

I have read this agreement and accept these terms. I also accept that if I cancel my membership payments outside of the above terms then Castle Fitness Limited are within their rights to settle the outstanding membership fees in court or with the aid of a debt collection agency.

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