It’s not just the best hour of your day

“The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day...high five some people and blow off some steam”

Pat Sherwood couldn’t have explained what we do every time we step foot in the box any better if he tried. That’s the reason thousands of affiliates around the world follow roughly the same structure to every class they coach, because from the moment you walk into the class, to the moment you leave you’re making an investment in not only your fitness and experience but to that of the community around you, it’s one of the primary reasons we keep coming back.

Every class, at every affiliate, will begin with the same 5 minutes, ‘The Whiteboard Talk’. It’s a fundamental part of every class. Not only does it act as a period of time for the coach to inform you of the days workout, highlight any safety points and give any hints or tips that may be useful for the hour ahead, but it acts as an opportunity for you to begin to catch up with others, voice any concerns or queries you may have and more importantly acts as a cue for you to begin to focus on the hour ahead and leave anything else you may be worried about at the door.

Imagine going to the cinema and missing the first 10 minutes or being promised a three-course meal and arriving in time for the main course, you’d still get to eat or see the film but the end result wouldn’t be as enjoyable. Now imagine that you turning up late not only affected your enjoyment, potentially increased your risk of injury, decreased the efficiency of the workout and it didn’t do this for just you, but it did it for every member of the class, would you think twice about leaving home or work a few minutes earlier?

Sometimes things happen, meetings overrun, traffic is bad, the kids won’t eat their dinner. We get it and no one is bothered if once every 6 months you’re late, a quick sorry and did I miss anything and it’s all forgotten. However, if you’re repeatedly leaving your home thinking ‘doesn’t matter if I miss the whiteboard’ you’re wrong. It does matter.

Similarly to every class beginning the same way, most classes around the world will end the same way. “3-2-1, Time” yells the coach and you drop what you’re doing and have a moment of reflection. Everyone packs their kit away and you stretch and discuss the WOD or for that matter, anything. Sometimes, you’ll be done before the 3-2-1, sometimes you won’t. We’ve all been there with a few moments to go and everyone gathers round to cheer you on, you see the WOD out and grab some well deserved high fives or fist bumps, it’s another thing that makes this training method so special. However, whilst those dying seconds can in some cases lead to brilliant moments of teamwork and camaraderie, there’s a sure-fire way to ruin that moment for anyone still working out and that’s to make it so completely obvious you’ve already finished, by walking around putting back plates, bars, boxes etc whilst people are still working out. Nothing, Nothing is more demoralising at the moment you really need a ‘come on, keep going’ than someone wandering in front of you fresh-faced from their two minutes rest making you feel like you’re holding them up from getting home to their dinner or kids.

Now, we as coaches will hold our hands up and sometimes we’ll overrun, the end may be a bit rushed or the stretch may be slightly shorter than usual but generally, we plan the session to allow time to pack the kit away once the WOD is done and before you have to stretch. So by packing away early, you’re not really saving any time, you’re just spoiling someone else’s experience at a moment when all it may take is an empathetic word to make their WOD the best hour of their day.

Essentially all we’re saying is that we understand that everyone has commitments and things to do outside of the box, but trust us, commit yourself wholly to the one hour a day you’re here and not only will you improve your experience but you may well help someone else with theirs.

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