Hyrox Classes in Norwich

Hyrox Classes in Norwich

Welcome to the world of Hyrox in Norwich, where fitness racing is at its absolute finest! Are you in Norwich or its surrounding areas and looking to push your fitness boundaries? Then our locally based Hyrox classes are definitely the program for you. Featuring a dynamic mix of exercises from running, sleds, rowing, skiing, carries, to squats and much, much more, it’s a comprehensive fitness experience right at your doorstep. Challenge and invigorate your body in the heart of Norwich and discover what you’re truly capable of. Join us in our Norwich classes today, and start your transformative fitness journey.

What is Hyrox?

Hyrox is a revolutionary global fitness competition designed for everybody, not just elite athletes. Combining functional training exercises with endurance racing, Hyrox offers a unique and comprehensive fitness challenge. Each competition, or class, involves eight 1km running intervals alternated with eight functional fitness workouts including sled pushes and pulls, burpees, squats, rowing, and more. It’s not just about strength or speed, but a test of overall fitness, mental toughness, and determination. Suitable for all fitness levels, Hyrox presents an opportunity to push your limits, improve your fitness, and join a vibrant, supportive community.

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