Why weightlifting is for everyone

Alex doing a snatch

GAIN Fitness conducts two specialised barbell classes every week, aimed at improving the technique of the snatch, and the clean & jerk – the two most technical lifts in CrossFit. Our coaches are skilled at breaking down these movements into simple, easy-to-follow steps that will enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injury. Although it […]

5 Reasons Why CrossFit is Great for People Over 35

At GAIN Fitness, we have a huge range of ages, with our youngest members working out with Mat in CrossFit Kids, and our eldest over 75. In the world of CrossFit, once you hit 35 (old I know), you become a Masters Athlete. Which essentially means, at a competitive level, you’re unlikely to keep up […]

Asking for Help

If you search for CrossFit on social media, you might see people lifting heavy weights, but this isn’t what a typical CrossFit class is like. In reality, you’ll find a supportive community that’s focused on self-improvement. Taking the first step and attending your first session can be intimidating, but the coaches at @gainfitness will help […]

3 Reasons that RX is good for you?

RX, which means ‘prescribed’, is the term used in the CrossFit community, to determine what the workout is meant to look like. For instance, the RX weight and movements for Fran are: 21-15-9Pull ups and Thrusters at 42.5/30kg So if you complete all 90 reps with pull ups and the correct weight, you have achieved […]

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