CrossFit Open 2019

Members of GAIN!

I have the privilege of organising the CrossFit Open for the gym this year. If you already know what the Open is, skip the next paragraph.

Hello newbies! The CrossFit Open is the biggest worldwide competition of the year. For those able to go, it is the part of the selection process for the CrossFit Games. For us mere mortals, it is a chance to get together once a week for five weeks and perform a workout along with the rest of the worldwide CrossFit community, and if we care, to see where we are ranked against the rest of the gym, the country and even the world. The workouts are released on a Thursday in America, so we all come to the gym on a Friday night to watch everyone suffer! Every single one of the five workouts is scalable to any ability of the athlete, so anyone can take part. The atmosphere can be pretty amazing if you haven’t experienced it before I encourage you to have a go! To officially register for the Open you have to go to, the fee is $20. If you don’t want to sign up that is totally fine, come and have a go anyway!

Now we’re all caught up, this year is going to be a little different from previous years. The Open begins on the 22nd of February for us. Anyone who wants to complete the Open workout should arrive at the gym for 6 pm, and judges will be available to those who have signed up and need their scores recorded. Each Friday night will also coincide with an event to ensure those attending have the best possible experience. The events will be as follows:

22nd February – Brick Pizza Night + GAIN Competition Team Announcement

1st March – Apparel Offers + Awesome Supplements providing Pre and Post Workout products

8th March – Craft Beer Night

15th March – Member Business Fair – A selection of local business providing information and deals specifically for GAIN Members including massage, beauty therapy, haircuts and mortgage advice and more

22nd March – GAIN End of Open Party – Black Horse Pub, Earlham Road

If you have signed up, your workout has to be judged. Any workouts performed without a judge will not be validated.

This is a great opportunity for you as members to meet new people, have a good time, and most of all – suffer and throwdown! You won’t want to miss it.

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