HIIT Classes in Norwich

HIIT Classes in Norwich

Our HIIT classes are a very popular session we run 9 times a week and involve no barbells or advanced gymnastics, so are ideal for people with little CrossFit experience.

Most sessions you can expect 2-3 short workouts per session of high intensity interval training involving running, rowing, biking, bodyweight movements, kettlebells & dumbbells.

Great fun and very rewarding training.

What is HIIT?

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a popular method of training which consists of short, high-intensity workouts. GAIN Fitness has branded our version of HIIT as either FIT60 or FIT45 (the number determining the duration of the class).

More than just HIIT

Our version of HIIT is slightly different to your standard HIIT class. We’ve incorporated many elements taken from CrossFit into our classes, but left out the strength/skill section usually found in a CrossFit class. This means you can focus on having a great workout and not worrying about the technical elements usually associated with weightlifting and gymnastics.

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