GAIN Fitness Norwich first started out offering only CrossFit classes, but over the years we’ve evolved into something so much more. As well as CrossFit, our timetable now includes HIIT, Barbell, Gymnastics, Rowing, Yoga & Stick Mobility classes.

All classes at GAIN Fitness are suitable for all fitness levels. We’re able to adapt and scale movements and workouts to suit the individual.

A functional fitness class designed to improve all aspects of fitness.

Simple, but effective short workouts with no advanced gymnastics or barbells.

A class dedicated to improving your Olympic Weightlifting technique.

Gymnastics sessions designed and delivered by a qualified Gymnastics coach to help you improve the bodyweight aspects of CrossFit.

Yoga sessions put together to improve your flexibility & mobility for CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting.

A training system combining joint mobilisation, strength training, and deep fascial stretching to improve mobility, stability, & strength.

Classes for 4-15 years olds working in CrossFit, Gymnastics & Olympic Weightlifting.