GAIN Adaptive Community Fund

What is Adaptive CrossFit?

When trying to explain Crossfit to someone who knows nothing about it, there are usually a few main principles and values discussed. These include constantly

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Rachel Wilkinson

Progression in Crossfit

I think everyone would agree the Crossfit process isn’t always exactly plain sailing when it comes to progressing. It can become very frustrating. One week

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GAIN Fitness

The Home of Fitness

In conjunction with the opening of our awesome new facility, we are rebranding. Don’t worry! We are not taking away CrossFit. We are extremely passionate

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Crossfit - learn when to rest

Learn when to recover

Fitness/Health/Wellness “I’m always tired.”“I’m not seeing progress anymore.”“I’m always sore.”“I’m not enjoying my training.”“I keep getting colds!”“I’m injured all the time.” Do any of the

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Crossfit- Listen to your coach

Listen to your coach

This is a quick note on the intention of our workouts. I’m noticing a lot of people trying to lift too much weight or too

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