August Member of the Month

This months member of the month is Naomi, 💪 👏

What brought you to Gain Fitness?
I was looking to join the local 24/7 gym and googled (other search engines are available) “Gym Hall Road” and Gain Fitness 1.0 popped up in the results. So I investigated and was immediately drawn to the photos which showed people of all shapes, sizes and ages attending the classes. I contacted Tom and booked in a taster session and got the CrossFit bug.

What do you enjoy the most about Gain Fitness?
I love the variety in the workouts. I never used to look at the schedule prior to a class as I knew I would be put off by all of the things that “I could not do” but there is always an alternative and the coaches are so willing to help you scale up or down depending on your strengths. I am doing exercises now that I could never of dreamed of when I joined 2 years ago purely because you are given the confidence to try something new. Also the lovely people that I meet and the fantastic/patient coaches.

What is your favourite movement?
Anything with a squat although my knees are starting to think differently!!!

What is your least favourite movement?
Thrusters although it includes my favourite movement, see above!!!!!

What is your biggest achievement so far?
Some days the biggest achievement is simply walking through the door. I suffer from depression and sometimes find it very difficult to leave the house let alone come into a large gym and workout in front of people who are smaller, stronger and fitter than me. But the friendliness and support of the people and the facebook page gives me the confidence to keep coming back.

What are your future goals?
To look at improving my techniques. I am planning to book some barbell classes to try to help with this and hopefully continue to get some personal bests. Also toying with the idea of some sessions with Sam to talk about nutrition, her Instagram posts are very motivating and joining the fabulous Alex for more yoga.

What advice would you give a newbie?
I can definitely recommend writing down your PB/1RM as you progress. This really helps particularly in the strength part of the workout and it keeps me motivated. I just pop the date, lift and PB in the notebook on my phone which I always have on the table by the whiteboard.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
As well as CrossFit I also do cross stitch – I recently completed a Godzilla wall hanging, not actual size! 

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