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If you search for CrossFit on social media, you might see people lifting heavy weights, but this isn’t what a typical CrossFit class is like. In reality, you’ll find a supportive community that’s focused on self-improvement. Taking the first step and attending your first session can be intimidating, but the coaches at @gainfitness will help you achieve things you never thought possible, just like Louise did:

“The coaches at @ GAIN Fitness are skilled at breaking down complex movements in a class setting and are committed to helping you progress, regardless of where you are on your fitness journey.”

Louise reached out to the coaches within her own community, and GAIN coach Matt got back to her.

Louise wanted to learn how to snatch. Having been training hard in various gyms for a few years, she’d still not tried this mighty and complex lift. She knew reaching out to a qualified coach was certainly the best way to learn.

Over a short time, Louise went from never snatching a barbell to successfully getting under the bar and standing it back up again.

The snatch is deemed the fastest way to lift the barbell (or heaviest weight possible) from the floor to over your head, and there are many different variations to the lift. But what you’ll find in both private sessions or in a CrossFit class, you’ll learn how to move safely and efficiently under a barbell. How to bail, how to cycle the bar from one rep to the next, and progress to lift heavier and heavier over time.

If you’re unsure about any of the lifts or movements within CrossFit, reach out for help. The Coaches at GAIN are willing and ready to help whenever you need.

See you in the gym soon.

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