3 Reasons that RX is good for you?

RX, which means ‘prescribed’, is the term used in the CrossFit community, to determine what the workout is meant to look like.

For instance, the RX weight and movements for Fran are:

Pull ups and Thrusters at 42.5/30kg

So if you complete all 90 reps with pull ups and the correct weight, you have achieved RX Fran. But this doesn’t mean you HAVE to do it RX.

This is one of the best things about CrossFit and why it’s so accessible to all. You could still complete Fran as a workout, by scaling the weight, changing the style of pull ups (banded perhaps) or even dropping the reps slightly to achieve the workout in the time cap.

You’re still getting an awesome workout, you’re working your way towards the RX standard, but there is no pressure to try and do something you know you can’t do.

RX will always be something to aim towards in your CrossFit classes, and here’s why.

  1. It allows you to compete on a level playing field with your fellow GAIN athletes, if everyone is doing the same weight and movement, it’s very simple to see who gets the work done fastest. It also means something like the Open can take place, so athletes on a global scale can compete against one another. This sense of competition drives many to take their fitness to another level.

  2. RX gives you something to aim for. It’s very easy to lose sight of why we train, why we put ourselves through these workouts, and a reason to set the alarm for 5:30am to get to the 6:15am class. But if you’re not RX’ing all the workouts yet, you have a ready made goal. You have the opportunity to get in the gym and practice the skills required to achieve a pull up or muscle up. You have the barbell work to help you get stronger, and of course the WODs to push your fitness and your skills under the pressure of speed. RX gives you a goal, what more could you need.

  3. It keeps you safe, and moving at the right intensity. RX workouts allow the coaches to look at a workout and decide what weight or movement is right for each individual athlete to achieve the required stimulus.

    Yeah, it gets science-y.

Each workout isn’t necessarily designed to have you going all out as fast ask you can. Some require you to pace, to find a steady heart rate and stick with it to the end. Some are sprint workouts where you’re left on the floor gasping for air. And it’s important to get it right so you hit all stimulus over the course of a week.

To use Fran as an example again, Fran is a sprint workout. Now for some of you, that’s an absolute joke! The 42.4/30kg thrusters would take you the full 10 minute time cap alone, it’s not a sprint. So that’s when your coach has the know how to step in, and ask you to reduce the RX weight. Yes you can do the weight, but for the correct stimulus, you’re better off moving a lighter barbell at a faster pace.

Where as a WOD like DT, which is heavier (70kg/47.5kg), you may be asked to go heavier than what you consider comfortable, so you’re receiving the same stimulus as the athletes that are RX’ing. This way, you’re challenged, getting stronger, moving well and likely to be able to do even heavier next time DT comes around.

If you’re still not sure about RX, don’t worry, your coaches are always there to help and advise you. You may never get to RX, and that doesn’t matter. Just keep it in mind as a goal and you can’t help but improve.

The GAIN Team.

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