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GAIN Fitness Norwich enjoys the largest Crossfit space in East Anglia, offering up to 7 Crossfit classes a day. We also deliver specialist Gymnastics, Weightlifting and Cardio classes for your specific goals and entertainment. Gain Fitness is lucky enough to host Personal Trainers, an in-house massage therapist, nutritionist and chiropractor.

Our ‘Sustain’ cafe, boasts a flexible working space, locally roasted artisan coffee, cakes, and pre/post workout nutrition.

Our goal is to meet everyone’s fitness needs, from all ages and experience, from complete beginners to performance athletes. We want to know what makes YOU tick and ensure you have everything you need.



A CrossFit class usually consists of a strength/skill element followed by a high intensity workout. Come along and experience a professionally programmed and coached class where you’ll be sure to improve your health and fitness every session.



Fitness racing at its finest!
Want to test your fitness?
This is the program for you!
Featuring running, sleds, rowing, skiing, carries, squats and so much more!



Our barbell classes at GAIN Fitness are designed to improve your understanding and technical ability of Olympic weightlifting. We’ll focus on the snatch and clean and jerk, whilst also working on squats, presses and pulls. A great class for anybody who wants to improve their barbell technique for CrossFit.



This class will look at breaking down the gymnastic movements used in our Crossfit workouts, allowing you to work on progressions without the pressure. You will work on movements such as handstand push ups, handstand walks, ring and bar muscle ups and pull ups. It will also work predominantly on core strength which will help you in all other movements and reduce the risk of injury.


CrossFit Kids

GAIN Kids is a fitness programme offering CrossFit and Gymnastics to ages 4 to 15 years old. We focus on the many disciplines of fitness and no two sessions are the same, keeping classes fun and inclusive. Once your child reaches 16 years old, they are ready to start their GAIN fitness journey in the adult classes.



If you feel you could benefit from some 1-2-1 training then our personal training services are ideal for you. These sessions can be designed to improve all aspects of CrossFit as well as general health and fitness. Contact us today to discuss further.



What our customers say

I joined Gain just after the first lockdown. Having always exercised i wanted to find a something that pushed me out of my comfort zone. The coaches fun & knowledgeable, the kit is amazing & the members are super friendly. I'm so happy I joined & love heading there in my lunch break!

Imogen - Inspire

The best gym out there!! My partner encouraged me to join here after he fell in love with the place and it has really made me completely fall in love with exercise and staying healthy again! It is so so much fun and I enjoy looking forward to every single session. Everyone is so so friendly the coaches and everyone else who trains. Couldn’t imagine life without GAIN fitness.

Ashleigh Cooke

A very friendly place with a unique atmosphere. I am not a member but my son attends the Kids CrossFit here. I have my experience and I can see from my observations that it is a very good and professional fitness club. My son is very happy and the coach Matt is very friendly. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to practice or give a child to classes.

Richard Mazursky

Joined Gain a year ago and have been hooked ever since. CrossFit is the best exercise I’ve ever done in my life and everyone at Gain are so friendly and welcoming that you just stay! Experienced and professional coaches, together with the friendly atmosphere, makes this gym the best in Norwich

Nicola Webb

I absolutely adore this place! The community is incredible, coaching is excellent and the facilities are brilliant. I joined Gain as someone who exercised only occasionally and because I felt I had to. Now I go because I want to and I’ve never been so consistent in keeping active. Thank you to all the team!

Kerrie Gallagher

Having never done Crossfit before I went on a trial to try improve fitness and overall health , I never thought 6 months later I'd still be a member , but the coaches and other members are why I turn up week in week out. Having had gym memberships in the past and never really stuck to it this is worth the extra few ££ . I learn something new each workout !! Give it a go you won't regret it.

Sam Coulthard

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